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Lourdes, 17. A crazy otaku. I dont really have much to say about myself, and I would like to thanks my amazing friend Amanda ( for help me :3


A Light?!…Give Me Air!

"Natsu. The final battle is approaching."

Nishiki lookin’ fine in his casual clothes




Killua with his family members

coming home after a long, long war
coming home after a dozen of wars

Gray & Juvia. ♡ requested by anonymous.

Going to the Island vs. Coming Home — 1x01 & 1x12


Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (Animedia October)

They did a really cute comic on the day the seiyuu recorded the final episode. xD

And all the seiyuu are drawn as their respective characters but in their own clothes =3=

You are more than welcome to translate the pages If you have difficulty reading the text, I am happy to share the raw scans with you.


I'm here with you. [Fairy Tail Chapter 366, A Thousand Souls]

"Time to unveil the new members."

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